Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vth-yr-working drawing-nbc-application-to-stairs.

dear all,

in our last class we solved a few cases by taking occupant load for any user and arriving at total number of people using it. then with the help of tables 20, 21 & 22 we arrived at proper widths and number of stairs required for cinema. 

i would like to make a passing observation that in most public buildings like cinema, theaters, etc it will be more convenient to use a few stairs of more width then more stairs of minimum  width of 2000 mm. so in case we need to give stairs width of 5200 mm by calculation, then instead of providing 3 stairs of 2000 mm, it will be perfectly acceptable by standards to give 2 stairs of 2600 mm width, whereby you will get economy of stairs in relation to structural and space criteria or even a single stair of width 5200 mm if all exit doors linked by common corridor lead to this stair. 

so please be imaginative and pragmatic while applying principals of nbc. 

you see that in your design of cinema (case study of bhusan, i am trying to recall by memory), we required 2 stairs of 3600 mm or 4 stairs of 2000 mm whereas he had provided only one stair of 1350 mm width which is also not acceptable as minimum stairs as per nbc norms. so you can see that your design is completely un-done if we check it against stringent application of nbc. 

so please as discussed in our class, if you find that applying nbc will involve lot of re-design work, then i would expect it to leave it as it is and proceed to work more on grid-lines, dimensions, levels, door - window schedules indicators, room user number, etc.  please bring your up dated drawings in class on tuesday morning. plotted or cad reviews, i will leave it entirely to your judgement. 

with best regards,

prof. atule kedia

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