Monday, 8 October 2012

i am cool on students' complaints

my dear students (June 4th '12 to Sept  3rd '12 semester Vth yr WD group)

i am getting messages from many students to the effect that did i leave your institute due to your behavior. to put all speculation to rest, let me tell you that i left your institute because i was asked to leave. and for this i will not blame anybody. i will not blame the students who complained against me nor the principal who asked me to leave. i am cool. 

but i had something of a special relationship with you all. i always experiment in every institute and also sometimes in the same institute with different classes, by different ways of interaction with students. so i had adopted a model of interaction with you whereby i wanted to show complete empathy with your issues. i was okay if you entered late in my class, i was okay even if when i did not see the required progress of work. i was depending on virtue of self guilt that you will feel when you were forgiven so many times and a day will come when you will like to pay back with good work, may be late, but of some value. 

(with some other students i happen to be strict and i cannot put up with  certain type of in-discipline. so may be then, my interaction with this student will involve some harsh treatment. but here again in long run, when the student will pass in all my subjects then the smile returns back to his/her face. i am sure we all are always expecting some rebukes from our loved ones for our laziness or nasty behaviors). 

and i did see progress in some of the students' WD work. also we had developed some comfort zone whereby we knew what to expect from each other. and the reason i am getting so many messages (its only coming from your group mates), is that it was the delivery time of our heightened expectations, and suddenly the arrangements were disturbed. the question is could it have been avoided? an honest answer would be yes. all this could have been avoided. 

for that we need to understand from which position we can review this. if we consider the institutes as behavior correction and mind training centers (apart from learning centers), then probably it is not only for students. but it is for everybody associated with the institutes. right from office boys, to administrative staff, to faculty members (including principals, vice chairman and chairman) and even to canteen managers, security and lift operating staff. so in case if there is problem or complaint for anybody's behavior, then institute is obliged to give sufficient chances for correction of behavior and may be at least one (if not more) warning before dismissing anybody. why any institute is obliged to do that. because that is the primary role of institute. otherwise it will be termed as commercial venture. even commercial ventures are nowadays improving and have certain measures in place for corrective behaviors. even if i accept that i had committed some mistake, i was not given any warning before sacking. nor my side of story was heard. this is saddest part. 

so it could have been avoided. so in that case, somebody has goofed up in assessing the situation and applying proper measures. yes i would say, if we respect the above position. but again institutes are reflection of what is happening in outside world. and outside world is sometimes unjust with all of us sometimes. also this same world  is a larger institute where mind's of people are trained for achieving higher pleasures and founding out TRUTH. so we have to allow for some mistakes when some people will judge us wrongly and may be we are removed from that place. in that case it is always better to move on, by lesson so learned you are always wiser and better off.

we can always meet. lets keep it after you are free from all your submissions in current final year. it will be some time in november 1st week. send me message or e-mail deciding time, day and venue of meet. i will be there...

with best wishes for all your submissions....

prof. atule kedia