Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vth-yr-working drawing-cibse/nbc/bye-laws: application to all parts....

dear all,

with reference to above i have received many answers for application of CIBSE guidelines. 

i would request you to bring a print out of above (all) and also of my e-mails on nbc application for lifts, basements, stairs,corridors, doors, and ramps (anyone student who present in wd class). 

now you guys are working at two levels. at one level u r correcting the design errors in  design of different parts of building as stated above. it goes without saying that before issuing final WDD's it is ur last chance to correct such mistakes. so normally all architects undergo this process during design and they check it one more time before issuing the WDD's. 

at second level u r reqd to put ur carpet dimensions, end to end dimensions for all building parts, after placing structural columns, u r reqd to put grid lines which may pass through centre of columns. i have already brought some reference drawings last time and given you fairly good idea how they are structured. so that should not be a difficulty. as also i mentioned to you, i am serious about giving soft copies of my 2d, 3d cad library, reference drawings, complete package including services and structural drawings to a few deserving students who will be able to produce substantial work by end of july. so again with help of such cadding tools you will be able to produce professional level of working drawings efficiently in less time then others.   

so please revise your drawings in both the levels as above and bring to class. taking out hard copy of above is entirely up to you. for soft copies to be checked on laptop, it must be your own personal laptop. borrowing laptop from others will waste time of owner of laptop.  

so for 1st level, regarding application of nbc, i want you all to work for higher floors for stairways, doors and corridors (minimum). if you do not have time to revise your drawings, then at least i want you to work it out on a4 paper or send me e-mail like last time as sent for cibse. 

hoping to see some progress. 

prof. atule kedia

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