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dear students,

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today i had a good introduction of the subject with you all. you had been a wonderful audience. and i mentioned it to your principal. 

but by end of my class after the break, i saw that the attention level of students was dropping and since i was only putting academic program for your information i thought it proper to not stress you any further and ended my class abruptly.

but i have requested your CR's (who came to see me later) to avoid such situation in future, whereby you are deprived of your break. i am aware many students skip their break-fast to make it on time for their 7.30 am class. so you need your break. so next time if some teacher insist to continue in break, and if you oblige to continue because you are gaining something of value by way of study, then please do so only if you can put up with building services class 11 to 2 pm without interruption. giving any break between 11 to 2 pm is entirely on my sweet will and should not become mandatory as it happened today.

please remember that in BS you have 3 tier check points - internal sessional marks, external viva voce marks and university exams. so if you will cooperate then we can make this BS class as fun class with loads of study happening simultaneously. and you will surely clear all 3 tier check points without any difficulty. 

regarding the academic program i am discussing it with your principal and as soon as it is finalized i will upload it on my blog. so bear with me for some time. you are free to leave a comment on my blog or message me on 8692077376 in case you find something is difficult to understand.  i will try to accommodate good questions positively.

thanking you...

atule kedia 

for natural ventilation please hit on the links below...

you required to understand only general principals in above links. skip or ignore all calculations related matter. 

Natural Ventilation Systems:

Natural Ventilation should be considered a priority over wind energy. Natural ventilation systems rely on pressure differences to move fresh air through buildings. The pressure differences can be caused by the buoyancy effect created by temperature differences, by wind, or by differences in humidity. Natural ventilation systems are circuits, equal importance must be given to both air supply and exhaust.

Natural ventilation, unlike fan-forced ventilation, uses the natural forces of wind and buoyancy to deliver fresh air into buildings. Fresh air is required in buildings to alleviate odors, to provide oxygen, and to maintain thermal comfort. At interior air velocities of 160 feet per minute (fpm), the perceived interior temperature can be reduced by as much as 5°F. However, unlike true air-conditioning, natural ventilation is ineffective at reducing the humidity of incoming air. This places a limit on the application of natural ventilation in humid climates.

Windcatcher/ Wind Tower

A uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional windcatcher, which also work when the wind is not blowing, is a traditional Persian architectural device used to create natural ventilation in buildings. 

Brazil Leaves house gives natural ventilation and being of natural materials, the building remains perfectly cool:

The architectural design of leaves house in Angra dos Reis, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which has been designed by Mareines Patalano Arquitetura, featuring architectural styles of India and Brazil are taking inspiration from nature. It is used as a design solution to combat climate and the humid heat of the climate characteristics at the site. Giant leaf-shaped roof of the building serves to protect the room from the hot sun and as a unifying space between the inner and outer space. Open space is the essence design concept of nature-inspired as a social space created by the design of the porch. The varying height of the building provide natural ventilation and passive cooling for enclosed and open spaces.

The veranda is a luxurious lounge overlooking the fish pond and garden, is designed so typical with Brazil’s Indian’s style hammocks. The architectural design of leaves house offers a friendly building design with nature, it is seen from the architectural design that blends with the surrounding natural environment.

for basic concept of Building Management System (BMS) please visit the following link:

if you still have any question please put comments on my blog...

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