Saturday, 16 June 2012

3rd-yr-Working Drawing

dear students,

i was happy to interact with you all in last class. i am getting a feeling that you all are excited to learn WD in proper manner. and produce good WD's by end of this semester. and produce still better WD's by end of this year.  to do that you have to consistently work hard and be ready to re-draw your drawings many times over till you get the final draft ready. also WD is a hands-on subject. the more you work, more you will get doubts, then more we will guide you to do proper things. and again you should work hard. the loop continues till final draft. 

i say this often around all institutes that student should pay attention to understand teachings first hand (don't depend on asking others later - may be s/he never understood it in first place). so to understand first hand, ask a question to teacher. by doing this, you do a favor to your classmates who may be having same doubt and also to teacher who will get confidence to proceed further to complex issues without any difficulty. 

also when i took rounds in class to understand the variety of designs you have, i found that some of you have very complex forms of plans and  also in sections. also they have various materials and technologies. i am impressed by your design skills. but i have simple advice to these students. now we have to adopt your building design for brick walls. and roof also we will simplify to truss, rafters, purlin and tiles. whatever you have learnt in your second year ABCM subject.  please remember that priority now is to study WD perfectly this semester from your external viva voce point of view. pass your examinations with comfort. then for next semester we will move to more complicated plans, sections and technology of buildings. so do not worry. one or two students expressed reservation that their hard work put in good designs are being sidelined. it is not so. i asked the same students to get detached from the feelings for designs and focus on learning WD for time being. trust your teachers on these. they know better than you. 

so please as agreed between us, bring your ground floor plan with inside carpet dimensions mentioned and all out to out dimensions mentioned too.

then we will check these plan for correctness and proceed with further instructions. 

with best wishes,

prof. atule kedia.

p.s. in case you have any question you can message me. i will answer it in my blog. 

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