Monday, 11 June 2012

2nd-yr-architectural building cconstruction and materials-books-to-buy

dear students,

it was a pleasure of mine to deliver a slide-show explaining how learning building technology can be stimulating as well as fun if we approach it properly.

also i got feedback through madame veena that you liked the 2nd lecture with real time sketching on film with over head projector, for timber floors.

so i will continue with same system in all your abcm classes. 

i mentioned in class but i will write here one more time the books i prefer you to refer in library or buy it if you can afford it.

1. Five volumes on "The Construction of Buildings" by Ar. R. Barry. (price IRs 540). I recommend these volumes very strongly because the language used by author is very lucid and all the necessary parameters that are required by you to study the subject correctly are duly put in the books. Some of the details can be modified to adopt for indian conditions, which is easy to do provided you know what is good technology in first place.
2. Building Construction by Dr J. Jha & Prof. S.K. Sinha - Khanna Publishers. (price IRs 175). If somebody is inclined to check local Indian adaptations, then this book is good book to refer. I found the engineering principles used in book are sound and stand the scrutiny of international standards. 

Please also try to follow my blog for tips and reading links for enhancing your understanding of the subject. 

happy learning building technology.

Prof. Atule kedia. 

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