Saturday, 14 April 2012

4th-yr-Abcm-Acoustic Windows

Manufacturing of sound proof glass having two glasses with air vacuum between both the glasses provide adequate vision of the production process windows can be incorporated into the design. This is custom made window in factory in controlled environment to create air vacuum. The design of windows, particularly large window areas, requires great care in the details of glass responses. any size can be manufactured.

Popular Solutions for:
  • Factory offices
  • Factory enclosures
  • TV studios
  • Audiometric rooms
  • Test cells
  • Translation booths
  • Music practice rooms
  • Hotels
  • Offices
Acoustic Windows is also known as ,Soundproof Windows, Noise Proof Windows, Vacuum Glass, Sound Proof Glass, Sound Proof Glass Window, Sound Transmission Class, Sound Transmission Coefficient
Acoustic Performance
Noise Reduction of 30-60dB(A)

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